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Lead Graphic Designer & Print Production Specialist

My name is Kyle Gisel, I am the Lead Graphic Designer and Print Production Specialist at a highly successful print shop in the greater Atlanta area. I have been with the company since 2012 and have help take it from a small startup to a five-star rated print shop serving all types of clients. I spent allot of time building our name through word of mouth, email blasts, mailers and door to door sales when needed. Combining a marketing campaign with outstanding customer service, top-rated printing technology, and excellent design skills has made for a thriving business, even achieving “Small Business of the Year” in 2014.


In this super fast-paced environment I have been able to hone my skills in design and print, constantly expanding my efficiency and capabilities. Currently I oversee a small graphic design team, giving them direction as needed and guiding them through difficult design problems.


I am also in charge of all of the printing that is produced at our facility including all bindery and printing equipment needed to make a print company run. With a dense technical and creative background, I have the ability to take the entire project from concept to completion, meeting the needs of the client with minimal effort achieving fantastic results.


I also do volunteer work with our local chamber of commerce, lending them my illustration and graphic design expertise to create the annual “Sandys” Turtles drawn in the theme of each year.

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